Free price estimate for real estate in Bucharest - Ilfov

Correct setting of the price from the first moment of entering the property market is an essential factor for the success of the transaction.

By the success of the transaction we understand that the price obtained was above the market level and the transaction was completed in a reasonable time.

When the price is set incorrectly:

  • 1. You can get too low a price.
  • 2. The time of sale / rental and discomfort of viewers without result is extended

With experience on the real estate market in Bucharest and Ilfov since 2010 and access to advanced tools that monitor the current market and similar transactions in the last 12-24 months, GOLDEN BRICKS offers you a completely free price evaluation of your property.

Fill in the fields in the next quadrant and a furniture expert GOLDEN BRICKS will contact you in maximum 24 hours.

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